I HATE Moving!

There is absolutely nothing fun about moving! The being moved part and having a new home part is fun, but the actual moving part SUCKS! I think this is mainly because I hate packing. In my life I only know of one person who actually enjoys moving, and she is the reason my last 2 moves were particularly easy. This time she is in Mexico and I have to do this all by myself. It sucks.

I am excited about being moved. My new place has a pool and gym! Which means I might actually get back into shape, which I'm really looking forward to!

Ok so today I had a photoshoot (no there are no photos to show yet). I was really excited as I had been planning what to wear and how to do my hair/makeup for awhile. Most of my pictures so far have been kind of a rocker look, and I wanted something really different. So I wore my pencil skirt, dress shirt and pulled my hair back tight for a "severe business fashion" look. I got to the studio and was informed it was an outdoor shoot. Boo. I had to get changed (thankfully I brought jeans and a tshirt as well...but unfortunately no sweater) and headed outside into the sunshine and wind. It was freezing and I started to cry on more than one occasion over the following 3 hrs. Not because I was complaining and diva, but because it was so windy my eyes just kept watering. I have to admit though that I got some really awesome shots though. One group got some really high fashion looking shots and I can't wait to get copies of them for my book. They looked awesome!!!

To finish off, here is a picture from a shoot at the beginning of this month. The photographer's name is Vivian Chung. She bored optical frames from her Optometry person for us models to wear. This one is my favorite.

Oh and as a side note...no promotion, because of my lack of complete availability due to acting/modeling. But I did get offered another job for extra hours at a restaurant down the street. A customer who works there told me to come in because she thought I was great...so who knows maybe I'll give serving another chance.

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Heather said...

Oooh I love that shot! Such cool dark and reflective elements. Oh, and you look hot and all ;-)
So does the new place let you have Zack!?? I've only had my kitten for like a month, but I'd be so sad if I had to give her up :(