I have become somewhat of an addict as of late. Not so much in the eating of cookies, but in the baking. I love baking cookies! I don't know what it is about it, but I LOVE it! And not just cookies, breads, cinnamon buns, cakes, you name it, I'll make it.
Now that I am single again, I don't have someone to bake for, so I end up eating a lot of my baking myself...thus the extra bit of muffin on my top. I have given some to my building mate(old roommate and good friend living in the same building), and my roommates eat some, but I still end up with the majority.

One day my husband will either be a big baking eater or will love a big woman.


Heather said...

Ha! Never trust a skinny chef, anyway, right? :P I was gonna bake cookies today, but then I ate all the chocolate chips. Uhh...oops :P
How'd "my" cookies go over? :)

Heather said...

Oh by the way! Nice new picture! :D