Baby It's Cold Outside

Yesterday I finally realized that yes Winter is coming, and along with winter is the cold. As I learned in the theatre the other day there are many four letter words that are associated with winter such as snow and cold. I personally don't hate winter, but I do hate being cold. I think the only things that I like about winter are going snowboarding, snuggling up in a blanket,drinking tea and reading a good book, and an excuse to cuddle with a certain man. I have to say that I also like winter, because I get to wear sweaters. I really like wearing sweaters. My biggest thing I love about winter though is Christmas! I love going shopping for Christmas presents. I love church this time of year. All the decorations, songs and speaking on hope and love and all that good stuff. It's also the time of year for eating well. Two turkey dinners in 2 months or more if you have lots of family and friends! It's awesome!
Another great thing about winter is specialty drinks that only come out this time of year like eggnog(Bren's favourite!) and pumpkin spice latte's at Starbucks. mmm.

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Anonymous said...

My toes are perpetually cold in the winter. It's quite frustrating.
Although, in the tone of happy thoughts about winter, I may just have to get a steamed eggnog from Starbucks.