I have had trouble coming up with something to write about on here lately, and since I have just recently joined the NaBlPoMo(see button link) I figure I better come up with some ideas seeing as tomorrow is November 1st.
Today I was reading an entry from Chookooloonks blog I came up with an idea for this one.

  1. I go out of my way to avoid walking on manhole covers, grates or vents of any kind on streets or in houses. We have a grate in my parent's house, and although I used to sit on it and read(it was the warmest place in the house) I can't do it anymore. It creeps me out and I feel like I'm going to fall.
  2. I am a texture eater. I hate anything that feels gross in my mouth. I hate couscous! and I hate Papaya! It just feels yucky.
  3. I love swimming in lakes! Oceans and pools are another story. I always think of how dirty the pool is, or how there are sharks or other deadly stuff in the ocean...like undertows.
  4. I hate being late for things to the point that if I know I am going to be really late, I would rather just not go. I am always late though. Which really is not good.
  5. I love Christmas and all the decorations, but I hate poinsettias. I think they are incredibly ugly.
How about you? What are your idiosyncrasies? also if you have any blogging ideas for me let me know.


Anonymous said...

I like this idea for a blog entry. I may steal it. Will you still love me? :-D
I'm a texture eater too, but I'm fine with couscous. What I can't it is crab, or any number of seafood things which are rubbery and/or slimy. Ick.

Teresa said...

Good luck with NaBlPoMo :) I'm stoked that so many people are doing it, cuz i love reading blogs!