...The life that changed the world. The theme for Jr High Youth Conference 2006 in Chilliwack this past week. We brought down 26 youth and 6 youth leaders. You can see pictures here. It was a lot of fun. We left Friday at 3:30 right on schedule and got into Chilliwack with time to spare to register and play some games before the rally started at 8. The speaker was Andy Harrington - an Englishman with a pretty good sense of humour. We were billeted. I was with my 3 grade 7 girls who came. Our family was really nice. The daughter was in grade 8 and had friends over both nights so there was 8 girls staying there the first night and 7 the next. We went to a Chilliwack Bruins game. They played the Spokane Chiefs. I slept the first period, wandered the 2nd and talked and cheered the Chiefs on the 3rd. Chilliwack won. The best part about the game was first intermission. The Timbit hockey players came out. Each team scored one goal each. It was soo cute. The goalie for one of the teams couldn't really skate so the Bruin's mascot pushed him to the goal, and them helped him back off the ice afterwards.

I had planned for this to be really exciting, but I'm just too tired to think right now. So i'm going to say you should head over the website and check out the video. It pretty much sums up the weekend.

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